About Us

The Kruglyak Lab conducts experiments in model organisms, as well as computational analyses, aimed at understanding how changes at the level of DNA are shaped by molecular and evolutionary forces, and how these changes lead to all the observable differences among individuals within a species.

Dr. Kruglyak has also been an Investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) since 2008, working towards understanding the genetic basis of phenotypic variation in species.

Latest News

  • June 2017: We are pleased that Longhua Guo, Ph.D., will be joining our laboratory this summer. His research will focus on quantitative genetic analysis in the sexual planarian, Schmidtea mediterranea, a free living freshwater flatworm.

  • May 2017: Science News - Selfish genes hide for decades in plain sight of worm geneticists. By poisoning offspring and providing the antidote, the genes spread spookily fast through the population. Read more here.

  • May 2017: UCLA Newsroom - Study of worms reveals ‘selfish genes’ that encode a toxin – and its antidote. Read more here.

  • June 2016: We are pleased to announce that Dr. Leonid Kruglyak has been appointed Chair of the Department of Human Genetics, effective July 1, 2016. The news announcement can be read here.